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Locale NFC Plugin

1.16 usd

This is a Locale Plug-in. For it to work you will have to have Locale or Tasker already installed on your device.How you use it:1. Select the plugin in Locale.2. Scan a NFC-enabled tag of some kind.3. Chose actions that should fire when tag is scanned.
Please note that your screen will have to be on for the phone to be able to scan NFC-tags. This is a limit in the Android system and can not, at the moment, be changed.
Please also note that at the moment the plugin can't detect when you remove your phone from a tag.
The plugin reads the Unique Identifier of a NFC-enabled tag. This means that you will not need to write any data to the tag. Instead you can use any NFC-enabled card. Such as commuter cards, access card or whatever you have lying around. These cards can then be linked to trigger any other setting or action that is available from within Locale or Tasker.
One user scenario can be that you place a NFC-tag in your car. Once the tag is scanned it could enable bluetooth and start the navigation app of your choice.
It supports the following standards: Sony SmartTags, MifareClassic, MifareUltralight, ISO14443-4, ISO14443-3A, ISO14443-3B, JIS6319-4, ISO15693.
If you have conflicts with other NFC-applications such as the default Tags-app you can do the following:If you have a Ice Cream Sandwich phone - System Settings->Apps->ALL->Tags->DisableIf you have a Gingerbread phone you will have to write a unique tag for this plugin. To do this follow this guide
If you have trouble finding the plugin in Tasker, this is where you should find it. Create a Profile -> State -> Plugin -> Locale NFC Plugin.
If you have any questions or feedback feel free to give me a tweet or send me an e-mail.
The application have been tested on Galaxy Nexus, Samsung GalaxyS2 LTE, Asus Nexus 7 and LG Nexus 4.